Is your office pet-friendly?

July 18, by Nora Cottrill

At Qimple, we love our pets. There’s a few firm Team Dog or Team Cat people… and an ongoing competition for the most epic cat shirt (our CEO is winning right now).  For the most part, though, we love all animals.

We often bring in one of our dogs to spend the day with the team and keep us company. Charlie frequently hangs out with the crew, and is with us again today. He’s been helping out by supervising and keeping an eye out for new happenings.

Charlie, Emily’s dog
Charlie, Emily’s dog

Offices are becoming more pet-friendly as companies understand how much pets can increase staff morale and

productivity. Big names such as Etsy, Google (obviously), Bark & Co, and Zynga all allow for dogs at their spaces. According to a 2010 study, having dogs in the workplace can increase coworker trust and collaboration.


Other research shows pets can make people more relaxed and decrease stress levels. Dalhousie University was in the news several years ago for their ‘puppy room’, an initiative which involving giving exam-stressed students time to interact with puppies from Therapeutic Paws of Canada. We don’t find our work environment to be overly stressful, but we definitely like having pets around to inject a little fun into our day.


Here’s a gallery of the rest of the team’s fur babies; 














Employers are realizing the benefits of pet-friendly policies as a competitive advantage. Pet friendly is becoming a head-turning perk that attracts new employees, especially millennials. Banfield Pet Hospital  interviewed  Human Resources leaders in the US and found that “Nearly two-thirds of HRDMs say that candidates often ask about pet-friendly workplace policies during the interview process, and 79% say they proactively bring it up as a recruitment tool”. Definitely something to consider if you’re looking to hire. Who – at any age- wouldn’t love a furry friend around once in a while? Especially one that looks like this:

Skylar’s cat, Lola
Skylar’s cat, Lola

noracottrill-9Nora Cottrill is the Community Manager for Qimple. She has a Double Major in Psychology and Sociology, and a Human Resources Management Diploma. She believes that every interaction is an opportunity to encourage and empower.


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