Politics & the Millennial

Wednesday July 20th on #CdnMillennials, we are chatting Politics! That’s right “Politics & the Millennial”.

Are millennials into politics? It depends on the engagement from the politician’s themselves, do they speak to the values of the average millennial, do they speak with positive emotion? We will touch on all things politics as it reflects and effects the millennial population.

A snapshot of tonight’s chat:

  • Are millennials are disillusioned with politics?
  • What is Canada’s role in the world’s political landscape?
  • What are the top concerns for millennials & the political space?

If you are new to Twitter Chats and not sure how to join in, simply log into Tweetchat.com and use the hashtag #CdnMillennials. You can then follow the flow of the conversation. Tweet me @DaytonDavis w/ any questions about the Chat.

Looking forward to Chatting with you on Wednesday night at 8pm ET.

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