Effective Interview Techniques for Employers

July 22 by Emily Brennan

In case you missed it, I had a great discussion with Pierre Battah on how you as an employer can get the most out of your interviews with job candidates. We tried outFacebook Live for the first time and had just one minor hiccup with technology – that’s not bad for Pierre and I!  You can watch our chat here.


We shared some pretty great advice and I’d like to help you out a bit with some highlights. These can be a good reference point for you as you prepare for your next interview with your next great hire.

Prepare and Map It Out

Do not “wing it”. Construct a script and set of questions ahead of time. Determine what the selection criteria is with your team. That way, you can easily compare and determine how qualified the candidate is. Map out who asks what and what measurement criteria looks like.

Provide Key Questions Ahead of Time

This is especially helpful for those with a more introverted personality type. You can either send them the questions or agenda for the interview. Either option is nice and is becoming much more common practice. Your candidate will feel much more comfortable knowing what to expect.

Behavioural Event Interview

Behavioural Event Interviews (BEI) are a classic way to learn about your candidates work ethic and past experiences. In fact, 80% of interviews should be based on understanding past experience and behaviour. Always ask these questions, “Tell me about a time…” & “Give me an example…”.  It’s a tried and true approach!

Review Resume with the Candidate

This is a great way to start an interview. It lets the candidate comfortably talk about themselves. It can spark conversations and can really reveal a lot about the candidate. Using the resume as the framework is a nice way to learn the most, avoid assumptions and keep the interview on point.

Trust Your Judgement

It’s important to listen to your gut but you should not rely on the interview as your one and only hiring tool. It’s really only one piece of the pie. It’s recommended to use 4-5 hiring tools when making your hiring decisions. In fact, the interview is the least reliable way to hire.

I hope this advice is helpful for you! If you have any questions, ask them here. We’d be happy to answer them.

Happy Interviewing!

emilybrennan-8Emily Brennan works as the Marketing Manager for Qimple. She holds a Psychology degree, an MBA and PR Diploma. She’s a critical, creative thinker, who understands people and what motivates them.


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