Understanding the Collaborative Millennial

August 1, by Dayton Davis

In a world where negative news, media and just outright poor vision has been so prevalent it’s no wonder much of the younger population can at times become disenfranchised.

Yes, it is true some in our generation are neither inspired nor inspiring and that’s putting it politely but to blanket an entire population with the negative terms one can continuously read through a quick Google search is not only naïve its just simply put ridiculous not to mention short sighted.

The reality that I have come to notice in my interactions with my fellow Millennials has been quite the contrary! The millennial mindset is different than that of previous generations. Our brain road maps are wired in a different manor, change is not a scary concept, and working together to achieve outcomes greater then the sum of one individual is a natural process that we don’t even think twice about.

The key to engaging the millennial is through collaborative process whether that be in politics, entrepreneurship, work, friendship or life in general we enjoy working together through a team setup. The days of negative mindset and individualism at all cost are fast approaching its dead end, just take note of the world leaders being elected today in our democratic nations and those that are being outright rejected. The autocratic dictatorship style of leadership is fast becoming a thing of the past replaced with a collaborative less partisan approach.

So what does this mean?

Well if you’re a corporation or executive looking to continue your succession it means providing millennials with a voice at the table, listening and understanding that working together benefits you too.

If you’re a brand looking to reach new consumers or engage existing ones changing your image, attitudes and approach to a more collaborative and inclusive one is a step towards success.

If you’re a political leader it means less talking and more listening, find out what your constituents would like and work with your fellow politicians to accomplish good and drop the partisan politics of yesteryear!

The millennial is a collaborative inclusive person who really at the heart wants the same as many generations of past, we just have a different approach.

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