The Importance of Company Culture

Wednesday August 3rd on #CdnMillennials, we are in conversation with Michel Falcon! talking about “The Importance of Company Culture”.

Michel is a customer experience management, employee engagement and career development entrepreneur, advisor and keynote speaker. Before the age of 30, Michel was hired by several billion-dollar companies including Verizon Wireless, BlueCross BlueShield, Electronic Arts, Illumina, as well as many others to improve their customer experience and employee engagement. As CEO of Trogon Agency – his customer experience management and employee engagement advisory firm – he has worked with leading and emerging companies to help them become more customer and employee-focused. During this time he also founded Experience Academy – an online course to help companies of all sizes increase their customer and employee loyalty.  His goal is to help 1000 companies every year reach their customer and employee-related goals. Michel’s keynote speaking service is represented by the National Speakers Bureau.

A snapshot of tonight’s chat:

  • How can peer cross training improve employee engagement?
  • What are some strategies for building strong relationships with customers & employees?
  • What is your top piece of advice to a company looking to engage its millennials?

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Looking forward to Chatting with you on Wednesday night at 8pm ET.