Qimple raises $1.1m to humanize the online hiring experience

We are excited to share that we raised $1.1 M in seed funding led by the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation (NBIF) with participation from Green Century Investment. This round brings our total funding to $1.6 million!

We will be using the funds to break down the barriers associated with online hiring practices. We are evolving and are excited to see how people will react to what we release in the future.

 “We are clearly doing something that is different and better for everyone”


– Yves Boudreau, Qimple Co-Founder & CEO


In our funding announcement, we shed some light on what we are already doing and what we will be rolling out.

The product launched in 2015 as a quick and simple hiring platform. Since then, we have been strategically evolving away from traditional online hiring practices into a more comprehensive approach with a personal touch. “Qimple understands the issues with online hiring and we know exactly what needs to happen to make it a better experience. The team respects that job searching can be a very emotional experience with feelings of stress, anger and sadness.” In fact, according to Gallup, over half (54%) of underemployed Americans are “struggling” due to stress and negative outlook of their future.

“Our platform boosts job-seeker self-esteem and we’re proud to say that we receive daily positive feedback from job seekers on how rewarding and empowering the application experience is for them. Job seekers who are upbeat and optimistic perform better in interviews, are more likely to receive offers, and enter jobs ready to help their teams succeed. We’re proud of the role we play in that,” says Boudreau.

In addition, Qimple will soon be launching the world’s first Resume Snapshot tool in an applicant tracking system. This feature will help hiring managers like never before.


“We know that hiring great people comes with its set of challenges, especially lack of time and resources to truly see if candidates are a great fit. The Resume Snapshot tool presents consistent information for all applicants with the most advanced resume parsing technology,” says Boudreau, “hiring managers are now able to consume more information in a shorter period of time, and the playing field is leveled out for job seekers.”

“We first invested $100,000 in Qimple two years ago as a startup—before they launched and started raising capital,” says NBIF President and CEO Calvin Milbury. “Now that they’ve launched their product and are showing good market adoption, we’re helping them to go from a start-up company to a scale-up company and accelerate their growth. The passion and commitment Qimple has for building a great product is unique and powerful. We are excited to be part of it and to be supporting the growth of the startup ecosystem in New Brunswick.”

Also, Larry Liu, Principal of Green Century Investment, is delighted to welcome Qimple to their family of companies. “Qimple’s mission stems from their deep-rooted company culture of constant learning, open-mindedness and collaboration. Yves is building a great team that will be a core part of Green Century’s portfolio of companies. We are looking forward to supporting and participating in their growth and success!”

emilybrennan-8Emily Brennan works as the Marketing Manager for Qimple. She holds a Psychology degree, an MBA and PR Diploma. She’s a critical, creative thinker, who understands people and what motivates them.