Innovation, how to encourage millennial intrapreneurship

Wednesday September 21 on #CdnMillennials, we are chatting with @ilonadougherty  of the University of Waterloo on “Innovation, how to encourage millennial intrapreneurship”.

For businesses looking to innovate, organizations hoping to creatively address society’s problems, and parents worried about their adult children’s success, Ilona Dougherty’s perspective is what you have been waiting for. The co-founder of Apathy is Boring, she speaks to audiences internationally about redefining intergenerational relationships and tapping into the innovation potential of Millennials and Gen Z.

A lifelong social and public policy innovator, Ilona’s diverse experience ranges from being a Canadian delegate to a United Nations conference at 17 years old, to working with youth in a small community above the Arctic Circle.

A snapshot of tonight’s chat:

  • How does fear of failure impact millennials & the intrapreneurial mindset?
  • How important is the leadership role in fostering millennials to be intrapreneurs?
  • How can intrapreneurship have an impact business growth?

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Looking forward to Chatting with you on Wednesday night at 8pm ET.