Culture the New Corporate Currency

So for this post I wanted to focus on a word we hear and subscribe to now more than ever before in history…. The word culture or in reference to the workplace two words “company culture”.

It’s company culture that is now driving the bottom line for business and we see it more and more where companies are changing internal policy to attract the millennial work force. If we take a look at the past 60 years the boomers generation began the push with changes to things such as working conditions and wages, then generation X began the tech shift in the 80’s and 90’s which has now lead to the millennials using technology as natives to cause disruption and change to the way we work, interact and even exchange goods.

Millennials are what I call generation “disruption” the first generation to experience mass change in the working environment and truly torch the old way of working. They are the first generation of tech natives not having to adapt to technology but rather being born with it, and the first generation to come of age outside the industrial revolution.

So what is Company Culture? “Corporate culture refers to the beliefs and behaviors that determine how a company’s employees and management interact and handle outside business transactions.” Defined by Wikipedia and an absolutely essential idea at the center of any company’s identity.

Work life balance, meaningful work, supportive environment, real time feedback, give back to community, flexible schedules, all of these are examples of what it means to have strong company culture and it’s what the millennial workforce isn’t just longing for its what they are creating. Because the millennials are the first generation to have access to so much information at their fingertips they are easily able to call out and identify companies that lack these assets. There has been much written about how millennials are job hoppers but I challenge this theory and question, are we a generation of job hoppers or are we a generation which is a product of our new society that is constantly demanding change, improvement and innovation? Do millennials change jobs just because, or do they change jobs because they have simply found out their previous employer preaches strong company culture but doesn’t actually deliver it?

Thanks to the disruption of technology, a company can no longer come out and say “we are a great place to work” they actually have to show they are a great place to work. Combine this with a generation determined to bring about change with the tools to do so and you have a recipe for cultural shift, changing the way companies do business.

Twitter Photo 2Dayton is a collaborative company culture coach and social media influencer working with companies, organizations and governments to enhance their ability to attract emerging leaders.