The Best Jobs for Generation Z

Up until a while ago, it was millennials that everyone had their eyes on. But, ladies and gentlemen, there’s a new generation in town.

It’s true that the youngest members of Generation Z are still in grade or high school, but the oldest of them are starting College.

What age category does Generation Z fall into you ask? Good question, no one entirely agrees. But, most commentators agree that Generation Z cohorts were born between the mid-1990s to early 2000s.

There is a broad consensus that the oldest members of Gen Z were born in 1995, while the youngest millennials were born in 1994.

Are you 21 years or younger? Then you likely fall into the Generation Z category. Congratulations!

Importantly for our purposes, Generation Z makes up 26% of our population, so they’re pretty hard to miss in a crowd. And they are almost as big a crowd as the millennials.

So why do the perfect jobs for generation Z fall under the gig economy? First, let’s specify exactly what we mean by a Gen-Zer.

Gen-Zers: An 80’s Metal Band or Ultra Tech-Savvy Demographic?

Guess the second one? You’re right, unless you’re a millennial, then you’re obsolete anyway so your answer doesn’t count. Kidding!

But seriously, in order to properly understand Gen-Zers, it’s essential to make it clear that they are much more than a bunch of younger millennials.

Generation Z is the first digitally native demographic. Ever! They can easily transition from one screen to another, and they do almost everything online.

Talk to someone on the phone? Yuck!

Digital Native Generation

Consider that one study found that “Gen Z is four times more likely than millennials, Gen X, or baby boomers” to say that 13 years old is the appropriate age to get your first smartphone. What age do you think baby boomers said? You’ll have to stick around until the end to find out!

Millennials used to spend most of their time at the mall, but guess what? Gen-Zers are doing all their shopping on Amazon. And, Gen-Zers believe more than any other generation that it’s appropriate to use your smartphone during social situations.

Put that talking box down, it’s dinner!

In addition to being immersed in mobile technology, Gen-Zers are more entrepreneurial and eager to work than their peers. For instance, 72% of high school students in a recent survey said they wanted to start their own business, compared to 64% of other demographics. Further, 61% of high school students noted they wanted to be an entrepreneur rather than an employee, compared to 43% of other respondents.

Clearly, this is a generation of workers ready to hit the ground running, and what better place to start than the gig economy?

The Gig Economy: Best Jobs for Generation Z

Gen-Zers are all about having freedom to pursue their own interests, so they yearn for flexibility. As a result, they’re very much into the so-called “gig economy,” in which people are no longer full-time employees of just one company. The ‘company man’ is dead, sorry Dad, but please welcome the ‘independent contractor.’

The gig economy offers flexible work to independent contractors and allows workers to take control over their schedule while earning income. The best jobs for Generation Z can be found in gig economy companies such as WeGoLook.

The reasons are simple. First, gig economy jobs are premised on technology, and smartphones in particular. What could be a better job for Generation Z than one where your smartphone is your office?

Secondly, you have ultimate freedom over your own schedule.

Third, you are not an employee. You are a freelance gig worker who is 100% in-charge of their own financial destiny. You can take on more work, or not. It’s totally up to you. Given that Generation Z are more entrepreneurial than their peers, we suspect they’ll take on more.

Finally, the work is interesting, engaging, and diverse. Nowadays, someone can earn a full-time income by working for a number of gig economy platforms. Consider the following hypothetical schedule:

  • 8am-10am: Uber or Lyft driving.
  • 10am-11am: An inspection for WeGoLook.
  • 12am: Lunch at that awesome burrito place down the road.
  • 1pm-2pm: Put together furniture for Joe down the road through TaskRabbit.
  • 2pm-4pm: Deliver groceries on Instacart or DoorDash.
  • 5pm-5:30pm: Respond to inquiries for your Airbnb listing.
  • 5:30pm: Crossfit class.

Sounds pretty cool no?

Taking their traits into consideration, it’s obvious that the gig economy is one of the best jobs for Generation Z.

Gen-Zers may only be the teenagers of today, but let’s face it – they’re also the leaders of tomorrow. For obvious reasons, we have yet to discover all the secrets of this generation, but this makes our analysis all the more fascinating.

One thing is sure, though. These young, ambitious young women and men are bound to change the world through technology, and the gig economy is just one of the many areas they’ve already begun to shape.

From a work perspective, the gig economy is one of the best jobs for Generation Z for all the above reasons.

Another reputation Gen-Zers have is their short attention spans. Thanks instant gratification society! So, as a reward for finishing this article, a little treat.

In the study mentioned earlier, baby boomers believed that 18 years of age was the appropriate time to get your first smartphone.

Now is the time – jump right into some gig work – visit our Looker page for more info on how you can be a Looker for WeGoLook.



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