Wednesday November 16th #CdnMillennials is back!!! Join us at 8pm ET 5 PT when we talk about “managing millennials in the workplace” with @YKNOTConsulting.

A new generation is leading the workforce! Millennials are now the largest population in the workforce today making up more than 35% of the Canadian workforce and set to increasingly expand that number. All the while millennials are different from past gens as tech natives and incredible multi-taskers we will dive into new ways in which to manage them and what to expect from our emerging and current business leaders.

A snapshot of tonight’s chat:

  • How to attract and retain millennial talent?
  • The end of the 9-5 and rise of company culture?
  • What millennials wants and needs are from managment?

If you are new to Twitter Chats and not sure how to join in, simply log into Tweetchat.com and use the hashtag #CdnMillennials. You can then follow the flow of the conversation. Tweet me @DaytonDavis w/ any questions about the Chat.

Looking forward to Chatting with you on Wednesday night at 8pm ET.

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